About Us

Welcome to TechStation24x7

TechStation24x7 as the name suggests is the Station where you can find solution to all Technical problems related to your computer, printer, devices, email, antivirus, backup, installation, You name the problem and we have the solution for it . We provide support & services to customers globally. 

Who We Are:

Techstation24x7 founded in Sept 2012 , and as we started serving computer users our motto became “Your Satisfaction is our success”. Our Technicians are gems for us and angel for computer user’s. This is what our customer’s call them as they have pulled them out of deep computer troubles, where the customer’s had lost all their hope.

Our customer database is full of satisfied customer’s. Our testimonials are filled with thousands of excellent reviews. Our services are available 24x7 for customer’s from North America, Australasia, Europe & UK.

What we do:

We provide Support on all software issues such as Email problems, software installations, Windows installation and setup , printer support etc remotely.  Remote support being the most convenient and secure way of providing support. You do not have to leave your pc in a store with your personal data, and wait for weeks. Instead through Remote support, everything is done in front of your eyes and takes approx an hour to get any computer issue resolved.

We Aim High:

Our aim is not just to provide support to customers but also educate them on how to prevent future problems. We build a good relationship with customer’s and honestly our customer’s mean a lot to us. we believe in 100% customer satisfaction and we plan to continue the good work that we started years back

We aim to provide a platform for all computer users to get their issues resolved without any hassles and in less time.

We Love To Help:

We started this business because we love helping people in trouble in these years we have created a team that loves to interact with customers and providing 100% resolution and satisfaction to them. We love to see a smile on our customer’s face.