Customer Awareness

1. We are the computer experts of TECHSTATION24X7. We have been legitimately serving satisfied customers for the past 4 years. Our website is Our toll free number for tech support is 1-800-299-0962. Our toll free number for customer service is 1-800-774-1715. Our support email address is

2. We have serviced thousands of satisfied customers with a 99% resolution rate. Our customers are extremely important to us & we always strive to satisfy our customers 100% of the time!

3. If you should receive a phone call or an email from someone stating that they are from Techstation24x7 and they want to issue you a refund, do not trust them as they may attempt to steal your account info and steal your money. Call our customer service at 1-800-774-1715 to verify.

4. Our company TECHSTATION24X7 never conducts outbound unsolicited calls to unsuspecting customers, nor do we support such unscrupulous activities.

5. Should you receive a phone call from someone who tells you that they are from Microsoft or Techstation24x7 and further describes that you have a serious computer problem, and that they urgently need to take over your pc screen to correct the problem, DO NOT ever entertain such calls!. It can sometimes appear in the form of popup, so do not call the number showing up on the popup. No one in this world can automatically be aware that you have a problem with your pc aside from you. Microsoft & Techstation24x7 never engage in conducting outbound calls to unsuspecting customers telling them that they have a problem with their pc.

Tech Support Scams

In Recent days we have got many complaints against those scammers from our customer’s so we have taken this initiative to inform our customer’s about these ongoing scams and educate them on how to handle them and stay safe from them.

We not only love to help our customer’s to resolve their computer issues but also we want you to stay safe from scams & frauds..

We have been Informing & educating our existing customers through emails. Now we want everyone to take benefit of these tips and help Techstation24x7 in creating a scam free environment. Techstation24x7 is the 1st company in this industry which has taken this initiative, while other companies are busy making money.

The only prevention for these scams & frauds is awareness & right knowledge.
Our mission is to spread this information to more and more people so that they don’t get ripped off by scammers.

We are not only putting this information on our website but also we are promoting this on social media and other online platforms so this information reaches more and more customers and they can benefit from this and share this information to friends and family .

The purpose of these scammers isn’t to protect your computer but to take out money from you.

  1. Ways Followed by Tech support scammers.
  2. Tips & Tricks to Handle Tech support scammers.
  3. What to do if you have already been scammed.
How do Tech Support Scams Work
  1. Making a Call: If someone calls you and tells that they are from Microsoft or Techstation24x7 and tell you that you have a computer problem or virus in your computer and they want to take over your pc remotely please don’t entertain these calls. They are scam artists. No one in this world will automatically know that you have a problem on your pc
    Microsoft or Techstation24x7 does not call customers.
Tips & Tricks to Handle Them
  • Don’t give access or remote of your pc to these unknown callers.
  • Do not provide your credit card or any other financial or personal information to these unknown callers
  • Do not give any passwords to these scam artists.
  • Do not trust them if they call u by your name because that information can be obtained from public directory or data sellers.
  1. Sending Pop-up: You might often get popup on your pc while browsing internet or clicking bad email and the popup will be like “Your Computer is Infected Call this number” “Your Computer has viruses call 1-000” Or “your computer is about to crash call this number to fix it”.

Please do not trust these popups, they itself are malwares.

Tips & Tricks to Handle Them

Please do not call those number’s instead call your regular technician and get your pc checked up

  • If you called them please do not share remote of your pc to them. If you don’t pay them they might put a password on your pc or delete your information.
  • And off course you don’t have to share any personal information with them.
What to do if you have already been scammed by Tech Support Scammers
  • If by mistake you have downloaded any malicious application , file or malware, do not get nervous, just run your antivirus or malware bytes to get rid of them, or you can take help from your regular technician
  • If you have given any passwords to the scammers please change it as soon as possible.
  • Even you can restart your computer if you think they might still have control to it. Some remote software’s even work after restart so you can get to task manager and check the running programs and remove any remote software showing there.
  • If you have paid them through your credit card, please contact your credit card company and mark that transaction as fraud.
  • If you think they have stolen and personal or financial information from your computer, you can visit the FTC identity theft website.

Please share this information to friends and family so that they can be safe and protected.

Your Satisfaction is our success & protecting you from these scams is our mission.